Dead Body Strapped To Gurney Falls Out Of Coroner's Office Vehicle At Busy Intersection (Photos)


Drivers in Feasterville, Pennsylvania were shocked to see a corpse on a gurney blocking traffic in the middle of a busy street on Friday. Now, days later, the Bucks County Coroner’s Office is offering an explanation.

Around noon on Friday, motorists driving by a busy shopping mall witnessed a gurney come sliding out of a green vehicle and land in the middle of the intersection.

“At first I thought someone was pulling a prank, but traffic was just driving around,” said witness Jerry Bradley to Levittown Now.

Bradley says he immediately could see that there was a body in a bag strapped to the gurney and describes it as "the most bizarre thing” he’s ever seen.

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“I helped a woman from the coroner’s office get it out of the road, as it appeared to be broken a little,” said Bradley.

Following the incident, the Bucks County Coroner’s Office confirmed that there had been a door malfunction during transport of the body and said that the driver knew immediately that it happened.

“The driver immediately knew that this malfunction occurred. The driver of the transport vehicle returned to make the transport complete, with the help of a bystander and in a matter of moments,” said the coroner’s office in a statement. “Care was taken to respect the deceased individual in this instance. The Bucks County Coroner’s Office deeply regrets this incident and will take steps to ensure that it is not repeated in the future.”

Sources: Daily Mail,, NBC Philadelphia


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