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Man's Death Classified As 'Suspicious' By Police In Ferguson

A dead body was found in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday morning. The body was found at an apartment complex very near to where Michael Brown was killed by police officer Darren Wilson in August.

The body, belonging to an unidentified black man, was found in a parked Pontiac car around 9 a.m. Police confirm the man was shot to death and burned, though it’s not known who carried out the shooting. The death, which police say was a homicide, is officially being treated as a suspicious death.

"This incident is currently being classified as a suspicious death and will remain so until evidence allows a different classification," St. Louis County Police Officer Rick Eckhard told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

St. Louis news station Fox 2 Now was on the scene earlier as police investigated the homicide. According to a reporter, a woman was heard in the background screaming, “They killed my baby,” after seeing the man in the car.

Richard Taylor, a Ferguson resident who lives near the crime scene, says he saw four armed men standing outside his apartment the night before. According to Taylor, the men were talking about looting and said they wanted to kill someone.

"I knew it was going to be true when I got up this morning, I saw this," Taylor told the Post-Dispatch. “There was a lot going on last night, but I thought at least someone would show up to arrest these guys.”

Taylor admits he isn’t certain if the men he saw carried out the crime. St. Louis County police officials say they will give an update on the case when more information is available.

Sources: Fox 2 Now, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Huffington Post, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Cristina Fletes-Boutte/St. Louis Post-Dispatch


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