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Police: Mom Dies Of Apparent Heroin Overdose, Dead Newborn Found In Box Nearby

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A dead baby girl was found inside a cardboard box in an Ohio home on Saturday, according to police.

It’s believed that the baby girl was a newborn, ABC 5 reported. According to Captain Doug Hunter of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, 23-year-old Kimberly Karosy had given birth to the girl and then died from a suspected heroin overdose about eight hours later.

Now, police are investigating into the actions of Karosy’s 51-year-old roommate Larry Davenport, who reportedly placed the newborn in a box and wrapped her in a blanket after she was born. Davenport told investigators that he was in another room when Karosy delivered the baby, but then heard her scream when she realized her child was not alive.

Police believe that Davenport is not the father of Karosy’s child. Instead, it’s likely that the child belongs to an unidentified man who lives in the home part time but was not in the vicinity on Saturday.

Davenport called 911 when Karosy became unresponsive about eight hours after giving birth. Karosy was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead upon arrival.

Hunter noted that the case was especially disturbing since several hours had passed before anyone was notified about the dead baby.

“I had the opportunity to view the child at the home and it looked like a perfectly innocent child that never had a chance, never had a chance because her mother was addicted to heroin,” Hunter said.

The baby showed no signs of trauma and no birth defects, according to Wayne County Coroner Dr. Amy Jolliff. Although more testing is needed before determining the cause of the baby’s death, it’s possible that the baby’s premature birth made her too weak to survive.

The baby girl was born two months early.

“At this point, we’re keeping an open mind with the investigation,” Jolliff said. “We’re not ruling anything out.”

It’s expected to take eight to 12 weeks to confirm the final autopsy results on Kimberly Karosy. Testing is still being conducted on the baby. 

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