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D.C. Marine Shot and Killed Himself Perhaps Due to “Trust Game”

Lance Cpl. Cody Scott Schoenfelder,19, was found dead in Washington D.C. Friday night. Investigators are looking into whether the marine shot himself while playing a trust game with the fellow marine present.

The game is a well-known trust building exercise among members of the armed services. One member pretends to load a gun and levels the weapon at the eye of his comrade, asking, “Do you trust me?” If the latter says yes, the service member will pull the trigger. If he says no, the weapon will be lowered. Either way, however, no shots should have been fired.

According to Raw Story, Schoenfelder was a young, decorated marine who hailed from South Dakota. He received both the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terror Service Medal. He was set to accept a post at Camp David.

His parents described their son, who graduated high school early, as, “just a good Midwestern farmboy who wanted to serve his country.” He appeared in good spirits at the family’s most recent visit and they have no reason to suspect the death was a suicide.

John Norton, a spokesman for the Marines declined to comment on how many marines were present at the time of the shooting. Neither would he comment on the investigation of the “trust” game that has been the cause of several deaths nationwide.

To compound the family’s grief, Schoenfelder could not donate his organs, despite being an organ donor, due to minor complications. The military has vowed to review the situation.

Sources: Washington Post, Raw Story


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