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DC Council To Redskins: Don’t Tell Native Americans Their “Pain Has Less Worth Than Our Football Memories”

The DC Council voted overwhelming to approve a resolution on Tuesday asking the NFL franchise to change its name from Redskins to a term that is not “racist and derogatory.”

The local legislative body approved a less strongly worded version of the “Sense of the Council to Rename the Washington National Football League Team Resolution of 2013,” introduced by Council member David Grosso, I-At Large, in May.

Despite urging from President Barack Obama and members of Congress, Redskins owner Dan Snyder has refused to change the name, calling it a “badge of honor.”

“To argue that we should keep the name because it ‘holds memories and meaning of where we came from and who we are’ is akin to saying to the Native American people that we don’t care, your pain has less worth than our football memories,” said Grosso.

Council members Vincent Orange and Marion Barry, were absent from the meeting, although they told NBC4 on Monday that Snyder “ought to be ashamed of himself.”

Snyder asked fans to flood the Council with letters in support of the name, but the turnout was insignificant.

Grosso’s office said it received about 225 emails, half for and half against the name.

Council Chairman Phil Mendelson’s office reported receiving only 10 phone calls over the issue.

According to Newser, the majority of polls show that fans do want to keep the name.

"I do not care what the polls indicate," said Grosso before the vote. "A name change will not in any way jeopardize the loyalty that the fans have for this team."

The DC Council has no authority over the team’s name. Grosso said the vote is part of a “movement.”

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