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Liberals Upset Lady Gaga Did Not Bash Trump

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Many Liberals are upset that Lady Gaga did not use her Super Bowl halftime show to bash President Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports that journalists from some of the country's largest news outlets are furious with Gaga, whom they clam missed an opportunity to attack Trump during her halftime show.  

Los Angeles Timesreporter Mikael Wood wrote that Gaga failed to deliver “the kind of bold, banner-waving performance for which Lady Gaga is known (and loved). Instead, the 30-year-old singer offered up a disappointing 12-minute medley that lacked any edge or tension yet also failed for the most part to deliver the kind of warm reassurance that [Tony] Bennett might’ve mustered.”

VarietyTV critic Sonia Saraiya complained that Gaga missed an opportunity to “voice the widely held frustration with the Trump administration in some form or another.”

“She played it totally safe,” Washington Post pop music critic Chris Richards wrote of Gaga. “But for an artist who continues to sell herself as an instigator, Gaga seemed content being a mere entertainer on Sunday night, putting in plenty of effort without taking any significant risks. Like any Gaga concert, her halftime show cultivated a mood of bewildered wowee-zowee that aimed to impress more than surprise.”

And Billboard contributor Andrew Unterberger added, “if there was a disappointment to be had with Gaga’s performance, it wasn’t with the show or the song selection … but with the fact that she didn’t attempt anything particularly outrageous.”

CNN reports that Gaga has also been criticized for her figure during the performance, which some say was untoned and flabby. She responded by wiring on Instagram, "I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too."  

"Be you, and be relentlessly you," the singer added. "That's the stuff of champions."

Sources: Breitbart, CNN / Photo Credit: IndianBio/Wikimedia Commons

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