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Days After Texas Knife Attack, Ted Nugent Appears in Knife Giveaway Contest

National Rifle Association (NRA) member and rocker Ted Nugent is appearing in a contest promotion for the group 'Knife Rights,' only days after 14 people were stabbed at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas.

The contest is giving one winner a 4-inch folding knife and 10mm handgun, engraved with Nugent’s autograph (pictured).

On the Knife Rights website, Nugent is quoted as saying: “From an American family addicted to self evident truth, logic and the American Way, Tribe Nugent salutes the efforts of Knife Rights. I joined Knife Rights to support the great job they are doing; you should too! God Bless Knife Rights!"”

Knife Rights chairman Doug Ritter defended the contest to

“The start date on this thing, it started quite a bit before,” said Ritter. “You don’t have a firearm built by Wilson Combat overnight. This has been in the works about six months… It has nothing to do at all with the incident in Houston. Ted Nugent has been a longtime supporter of Knife Rights and this was just this year’s support effort on his part.”

“This poor individual cracked, apparently had psychological problems for some time that people were unaware of and it’s a terrible tragedy and very unfortunate,” Ritter said of the Lone Star College incident. “We’re all very glad there were no… that the injuries were no more serious and [hope] that this gentleman gets the help that he needs.”

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