Daycare Workers Caught On Camera Egging On Children's Fight (Video)


Two employees at Stepping Stones Day Care Center in Columbus, Ohio, were fired last week after being caught on camera encouraging children to fight.

Footage from one of the employee's cell phones shows two children fighting while caretakers fail to intervene. At one point when a child gets knocked down, one of the employees yells out “Get him back!”

Surveillance footage from the school shows two employees recording the fight on their phones. One of the employees gets up and moves closer to the children, but she doesn’t break up the fight. She just keeps recording.

Here's the footage:

An assistant manager at Stepping Stones says both caretakers have been fired.

"We contacted the parents, of course,” the manager told WTSP. “Both the teachers that we caught doing this were both terminated, so they no longer work here. We reported it to licensing so they were aware of everything that was happening as well."

Investigators spoke with one of the women seen on camera recording the fight. She says she “should have stopped the fighting, but didn’t want to get in the middle of it.”

When asked why she didn’t want to intervene, the woman said she was afraid of getting hurt.

Sources: WTSP, WIBW


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