Daycare Workers, Kids Can't Believe What They Find After Hearing A Strange Noise


A group of daycare children in Minnesota helped rescue two dogs stuck in a sewer.

On Oct. 5, home daycare owners Amy Heinen and Elizabeth Murvartian Sanchez of Savage, Minnesota, were taking the children in their care for a walk around the neighborhood to get fresh air, as they do every morning, KMSP reports. When they passed by a local street corner, the group heard dogs barking but couldn't determine where the sound was coming from.

"It was odd and out of place and then as we followed the sound, I swear it's coming from the sewer," Sanchez told KMSP. "That's not normal."

After the group discovered the two dogs trapped in the sewer, Heinen took a video of the discovery on her cell phone while Sanchez called 911. When public works employees showed up to the scene, they removed the storm grate covering the sewer and rescued the animals.

The two short-haired dogs, named Bella and Beauregard, weighed about 40 pounds each. Bella has a chocolate-colored coat, while Beauregard is white.

Neighbors said they believed the dogs chased a raccoon or rabbit into the storm drain of a nearby pond. The dogs reportedly dug under the grate of the storm drain and then crawled through a 12-inch pipe to the sewer where they were found.

Tom Baker of the Savage Department of Public Works said he was surprised by the size of the animals discovered in the sewer.

"We were thinking it was going to be little puppies that fell into the back side of the catch space, but it was full-grown dogs," he said, adding that the dogs were muddy from the pipe but unharmed.

"Definitely the bigger dog, the white one, was very aggressively barking," Heinen said of Beauregard. "Not a whine or a cry that it was hurt, but more of a 'get me out of here.'"

The dogs have reportedly been returned to their owners and are doing well, though Bella, the chocolate-colored dog, is still walking with a slight limp.

"I think it's one of those great stories that have a great ending, and the kids get to be part of it," Sanchez said.

This was not the first incidence in which children helped rescue a dog stuck in a sewer. In August, two boys in Flint, Michigan, rescued an emaciated pit bull named Mars from a sewer drain in their neighborhood, ABC 12 reported at the time.

Sources: KMSP/Fox 9, ABC 12 / Photo Credit: KMSP/Fox 9, re_birf/Flickr


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