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Daycare Worker Urges Kids To Swear, Records Video

A Pennsylvania daycare was forced to terminate an employee after she allegedly pressured the children in her care to use foul language on camera.

In the resulting video, children can be heard shouting the F-word and other obscenities while a Creative Minds Daycare employee eggs them on, according to The Morning Call.

The woman who made the video reportedly sent it out to a number of her friends. Jhanee Ivy, one video recipient, uploaded it to Facebook.

"As soon as she sent me the videos, I immediately called her back and told her that wasn't funny, and she is working at a facility with children that don't belong to her, and the parents are trusting her, and it's not OK to do that," Ivy told WFMZ.

In addition to posting the video online, Ivy said she called and notified Creative Minds about what had happened. The daycare then contacted the parents whose children appeared in the video.

"I was disgusted. I was upset," Isla Millan said. "I felt embarrassed, more just surprised, also, because I never thought something like this would happen to my child."

Millan, who has since removed both of her children from the daycare, said her daughter cried when asked about the video.

For Rosetta Conyers, the video explained a lot. Her 4-year-old son had reportedly called his sister a "fat b****" and she was curious to know where he learned the word. When she saw the video, she approached her son and asked him about it.

"He knew it was wrong," Conyers told The Morning Call. "He got embarrassed and ran from the room."

And while she is now considering pulling her son out of the daycare, she emphasized that this is the first issue she has experienced in four years.

"I've never had any problems," she said. "It's a good daycare center."

A Creative Minds staff member contacted by WFMZ said she couldn't comment on the matter, but did confirm that "multiple agencies" are investigating.

As for the woman who shot the video, she no longer works at the daycare. A family member told WFMZ that she found the whole episode very distressing, and had to seek medical attention as a result.

Sources: The Morning Call, WFMZ / Photo credit: Kids Work Chicago Daycare/Flickr

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