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Daycare Worker Tammy Eppley Slipped Sleeping Pills into Kids' Food

A day care worker is accused of sprinkling sleeping pills onto children's snacks so they would nap during the day.

Tammy Eppley is denying the charges and said that it is a misunderstood joke.

She is being charged with six counts of child endangerment after authorities in Westerville, Ohio, found text messages where she admits to giving the children Benadryl and Melatonin.

"Tammy was bragging about how they were all perfectly still and being quiet or asleep," a police report said. "Tammy jokes about one of the children almost discovering her actions by remarking that the sprinkles on some cupcakes tasted funny."

Not only did Eppley sprinkle the drugs onto the cupcakes, she also mixed crushed Benadryl into pancake batter and juice.

While Eppley admitted to giving the drugs to the children, she said she did it only after getting permission to from the parents.

She said she did make light of the drugs in text messages to a friend but said she was only joking and said her comments were "very tongue-in-cheek."

"It was, 'good grief, I wish these kids would go to sleep, I wish I could drug them,'" she said. "I do regret making that comment, obviously. It was not, 'I did it.'"

This is not the first time day care children were drugged in Ohio. In 2010, two former church day care workers in the state were sentenced to six months in jail after they slipped Melatonin into candy to get the kids to fall asleep.

Sources: Daily Mail,Inquisitr


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