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Day Care Worker Accused Of Pushing Girl, 4, Down Stairs (Video)

Sarah Gable was recently charged for allegedly pushing a 4-year-old girl down a flight of stairs at the Child Care of the Future day care center in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, on March 3 (video below).

Shawayne Tavares, a manager at the day care center, was watching the surveillance cameras when she witnessed a worker pushing the girl down the stairs. The cameras had reportedly been installed about 30 minutes before the scene was recorded.

"I went and confronted her at the bottom of the stairs, you can see me on camera," Tavares told KYW-TV. "I said, 'What are you doing? We don’t do this to children.'"

The video shows a woman pushing a girl down the steps to a landing, lifting the girl up on the landing and looking up into the surveillance camera.

"It still hurts me, just seeing the video. When I saw it air I was just like, 'Wow.' It still hurts," Tavares recalled. "The little girl was just really shaken up. Her eyes were literally like 'help me.' And I'm just like 'I'm here.'"

The surveillance video caused Gable to be fired and charged with simple assault, child endangerment and other charges, notes Philly Voice.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood showed the video to reporters during a press conference: "I think it’s every parent’s nightmare that sends their kid to day care."

"You don't throw a child down a flight of steps," Chitwood added. "That's common sense."

Chitwood credited the day care center for bringing the video to the police, and said: "Seldom is there a problem, but the victim is always a child."

Tavares recalled more of the incident to WCAU:

I was so upset. I had tears in my eyes. She picked up the shoe and tried to come to the end of the stairs like, "Oh, it was her shoe" that caused her to fall. I'm like, It's not her shoe. I just watched you on camera do it. Her eyes literally were like, "help me." She needs to go to jail for that. You don't put your hands on a child. Point blank.

Fortunately, the girl only had a minor knee injury and was able to return to the day care center on March 4.

"She was a little scared of the steps," Tavares told KYW-TV.

Gable posted a $25,000 unsecured bail.

Chitwood felt the bail was too low because of the criminal charges involved, reported Philly Voice.

Sources: KYW-TV, Philly Voice, WCAU / Photo credit: Upper Darby Police via

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