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Daycare Forgot 5-Year-Old At Texas Stadium For Hours

After a Texas daycare forgot a 5-year-old boy inside AT&T Stadium on Thursday, the daycare owner promised NBC DFW that “heads will roll” for the mistake.

The boy, Leonardo Moncada, went to the stadium with a group of roughly 40 kids from Jeannette’s Little Haven Christian Academy, a daycare in north Dallas, to join approximately 2,000 children for stadium tours and games on “Kids Day.”

During the event, Moncada lost the group, but the daycare apparently never noticed that he went missing for several hours.

"I went to explore another places all by myself but then they all left me,” Moncada said. “I was too lost.”

Eventually, security found him alone on the football field and took care of him, giving him bracelets, snacks, and a football to play with while they waited for police to arrive.

When officers arrived, they played catch with the lost boy and let him turn on the lights and sirens in the police cruiser. Moncada waited at the Arlington Police Station three hours for his mother, Erica Corbin.

“I went to pick him up and when I went into room where he normally is [and] I didn’t see him,” Corbin said. “I don’t understand how they wouldn’t realize he’s not there.”

Corbin was relieved to find her son, but she is not happy with the daycare.

When I got there and asked where my son was they had no idea he was even missing,” she said.

"I've been in the child care business 25 years and nothing, nothing, nothing like this has ever happened before,” said the daycare owner, Jeannette Jones.

This is not the first time that a Texas daycare has forgotten a child. The Daily Mail reported that, last month, parents broke into a daycare in Houston, Texas, to rescue their 10-month-old baby after employees locked up the building, leaving the child alone.

According to NBC DFW, Jones promised “heads will roll” during an emergency staff meeting for the “shocking mistake.”

Corbin, however, is not interested in making amends.

"He won’t be going back to that school,” she said. “So now I need to make arrangements with family to see who can take care of him now, I’m not sure I’d even ever trust another day care.”

Sources: NBC DFW (2), Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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