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'I Could Not Believe': Daycare Employees Fired After Being Caught On Camera Abusing Toddler (Video)

Two daycare employees in Cleveland were terminated after surveillance cameras caught them repeatedly hitting two children (video below).

Ryane Lamb had been sending her 2-year-old son, Amari, to Cedar Early Learning Center since he was 3 months old, Fox 8 reported. She was shocked when she saw the footage of her son being whipped with a plastic back scratcher 22 times by one of the employees.

“I could not believe,” Lamb told Fox 8. “Just looking at that, that this place even had the audacity to do that to my baby for no reason, he didn’t deserve it at all.”

The incident occurred on Oct. 14. The footage shows the 49-year-old employee grabbing Amari and whipping him with a back scratcher. She then shoves him to the ground and whips him again.

The daycare employee didn’t stop there. About 10 minutes later, she is seen dragging Amari across the room and slamming him onto a changing table.

A second daycare employee is also seen in the video, watching Amari being whipped. That employee is later seen hitting an 18-month-old girl with a plastic bat.

Amari suffered welts and bruises on his legs. He was taken to the hospital by his mother and grandmother. Lamb also called the police and filed a report.

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Octavia Manuel, the daycare center’s administrator, said both employees were immediately fired.

“I’m glad I have recorders to catch things like this because you just never know,” Manuel said.

The names of the employees have not been released at this time. Manuel said the 49-year-old employee was tearful and remorseful during her termination. She said she wanted to speak with the mother of the child she hit so she could explain herself, but she was not given that opportunity.

Since the news broke of the abuse at the daycare, several Facebook users have written one-star reviews of the establishment, citing the incident.

A detective from Cleveland's Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit was seen investigating the daycare on Oct. 16.

Sources: Fox 8, Facebook / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Cedar Early Learning Center/Facebook


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