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On The Day This Man And His Fiance Were Supposed To Move In Together, His Life Changed Forever

A Florida man’s heartbreaking tragedy led to a second chance with a woman from his past. 

Justin Pounders, a 33-year-old St. Petersburg resident, had planned to propose to his girlfriend, Adrianne Robert, when tragedy struck. 29-year-old Robert was assaulted and killed while walking home from a night out with a friend in 2012.

On the day he and Robert were supposed to move in together, Pounders showed up at her house with a moving truck ready to start their lives. When he knocked on the door, she wasn't on the other side - it was the police. That's when they told him what had happened.

“How could this happen? This isn't real,” Pounders said. 

Devastated, Pounders relocated to Orlando and his mother began praying for him daily.

“She would pray every night for me to find someone that would make me happy,” he told ABC Action News.

In 2014, Pounders decided to date again. He moved back to St. Petersburg and joined dating site

“I feel so thankful that I did,” he said. 

After joining the site, Pounders immediately found the profile of 33-year-old Amy Giberson. He was instantly attracted to her for a number of reasons, but one was because of her name.

“I think I had a crush on a girl name Amy back in preschool,” he said.

Pounders soon discovered the Amy he met online was the same Amy he had a crush on as a child. 

The two reconnected, and quickly fell for each other. Pounders said he believes this twist of fate was all thanks to his guardian angel, Adrianne.

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“Everybody knew that she would not want me to be saddened by myself forever,” he said.

“You don't find love, it finds you. It has to do with destiny,” Giberson added.

The two reportedly plan to marry next year.

Sources: Mad World NewsABC Action News / Photo credit: Mad World News


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