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Day Care Worker Rosie Hicks Douses Toddler’s Food in Hot Sauce, Gets Jail Time

A former Oklahoma day care worker was sentenced to 8 months in jail after admitting to dousing a toddler’s food with hot sauce and laughing when the boy cried in pain.

Rosie Hicks, 50, a former employee of the Muscogee Creek Nation Child Development Center in Oklahoma, pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse by injury and no contest to another child abuse charge. Hicks was given an eight year suspended sentence, Tuesday, but was required to serve eight month in Okfuskee County jail.

Hicks’ coworker Tracy Owens, 37, also faces child abuse charges and is expected to go on trial March 11.

In March 2012, day care video surveillance video filmed the two women putting a plate of green beans in front of 13-month-old boy named C.F. After taking several bites the boy burst into tears, and Hicks can be seen on video laughing. Other day care workers then came to the boy’s aid, wiping his mouth with wet cloths to stop the pain.

When questioned by police, Owens admitted to buying a bottle of habenero sauce at Hicks’ request from the Homeland super market in Okemah on March 7, 2012. She described how Hicks poured the hotsauce on the boy’s lunch, then Owens set the plate on the boy’s high chair tray.

Hicks admitted to police that she put the hot sauce on the boy’s food and laughed as he wept in agony. She claimed that, while she knew it was wrong, she did it because of the stress she was under at work.

Hicks also admitted to making the boy fall on one occasion by pushing away a table that he was using for balance. According to the affidavit, she did not help him up.

"One of the workers had taken a special interest in the toddler, and this made the others mad," said Okemah Police Chief Ed Smith, Jr.

Smith says jealousy was likely Hicks’ motivation for being cruel to the child.

Source: Daily Mail


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