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Arizona Day Care Owner Bashes Child on Craigslist

The owner of an Arizona day care used Craigslist to bash the child of a mother who had criticized the day care online.

Carmella Sul, who runs Tiny Tots child care program, posted a photo of 2-year-old Ryan Jones with the warning message “beware of this kid, he bites” on Craigslist, after several negative exchanges between Sui and Ryan’s mother, Maggie, according to MSN.

Maggie sent her two sons to Tiny Tots because she was initially impressed with Sul’s child care skills. However, a few weeks later, Ryan’s 5-year-old brother told Maggie that Sul was not feeding them enough food, according to NBC News.

Maggie relayed the food complaint to Sui, who reacted by kicking the Jones brothers out of the day care, claiming that Ryan had bit another child.

But Maggie said Ryan had never had behavioral problems at day cares before Tiny Tots.

In response, Maggie posted a negative review of Tiny Tots online, telling parents to “beware” of the day care and Sul.

That’s when Sul felt prompted to upload a photo of Ryan to Craigslist, call him a “biter,” and tell Maggie her son was a “dog” in a text message.

No complaints have been filed against Sul in Arizona.

Sources: MSN, NBC News


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