Day Care Center That Forgot 2-Year-Old At A Park Under Investigation


The day care center that forgot a 2-year-old boy in a Brooklyn, New York, park has been closed pending the results of an investigation by authorities.

On Sept. 17, Ethan Huachi was found sleeping on a park bench by a stranger at Sunset Park in Brooklyn. He was left unattended at the playground for more than an hour by teachers at Quality of Life Academy, reports The Daily Mail.

Three teachers took Ethan to the park that day, along with 16 other children who attend the day care. The teachers claim to have miscounted when they left the park and only had 16 children, according to police.

The day care is only licensed to care for 15 children at one time.

Ethan was found around 1 p.m. He was taken to a hospital and then to the 72nd Precinct, where police tried to locate his parents. A photo was shared to Twitter in the hopes that someone would recognize him.

A person who saw the tweet contacted the day care center, who then told Ethan’s mother.

Ethan had been missing since noon, but his mother, Diana Huachi, was not notified until 4:30 p.m.

“Anything could have happened!” Diana said. "I mean, anybody, a psycho, could have taken him somewhere and that would have been the last day for me to see him this morning, dropping him off."

Quality of Life Academy has been shut down while authorities investigate how the child came to be left at the park alone, reports Gothamist.

A day care worker was questioned by police, but no charges have been filed.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Gothamist / Photo credit: NYPD 72nd Precinct/Twitter


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