Dawn Weiser, 44, Pleads Not Guilty to Trying to Kill Snoring Husband Doug After She Couldn’t Sleep


An Arkansas woman has been charged with attempted first-degree murder after she repeatedly stabbed her husband in his sleep. The reason? She was kept awake by his snoring.

Dawn Weiser, 44, of Springdale, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday, despite confessing to police investigators that she stabbed her husband in her his sleep. Doug Weiser, 43, was left with a punctured spleen, lacerated liver and three other stab wounds, reports the Inquisitr.

On the night of the Aug. 29th attack, Dawn Weiser was sleeping in a spare room with one of her two children following an argument with Doug about his snoring.

Investigators say Dawn crept into the bedroom in the early hours of the morning and began stabbing her husband with a butcher’s knife. He awoke, took the knife away from her and called the police.

Initially Dawn told the police was that she awoke when she heard a loud noise and found her husband with stab wounds. While she insisted that an intruder was responsible for the stabbing, Doug insisted it was her.

Dawn eventually confessed to the crime, and to hiding the knife. She told police investigators that she was fed up with her husband’s snoring and it became so much a problem that she was fixated with it. The snoring had even become the subject of her posts on social media.

A week before the alleged attack on August 29th, she wrote on her Twitter account, “A certain someone is about to have an appointment made to address SNORING. #notnamingnames.”

Dawn Weiser showed up to her first court hearing on Wednesday, where she pleaded not guilty. She has been sent for trial in December.

Not surprisingly, her husband filed for divorce a week after the alleged attack.

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail


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