David Withrow Expelled From High School For Having Shotgun In Truck

A high school senior in Johnston, N.C., has been expelled from school and charged with a felony for having a shotgun in the back of his truck while on campus.

David “Cole” Withrow went skeet shooting over the weekend and only realized that the gun was in his truck after he arrived at Princeton High School. When he called his mother to come and get the weapon, someone overheard his conversation and his mistake was discovered.

Withrow, 18, has already been admitted to Campbell University and East Carolina University. It is unclear whether these developments will jeopardize his admittance, The Blaze reported.

“He was overheard in a private conversation with his mother explaining what happened,” said Kimberly Boykin, a friend of the Withrow family. “He could have told a story, but he told the truth.”

She added: “I think it’s an injustice for this young man. He’s a good guy. He’s loved by his classmates and his teachers. You don’t become an Eagle Scout by being a bad seed.”

According to reports, Withrow’s punishment is somewhat hypocritical because school officials have had similar problems in the past. One teacher who brought a gun to school was cited and resigned. The assistant principal at PHS also had an incident with a gun but was only suspended for three days. Neither individual faced criminal charges.

“I think it’s wrong, if an assistant principal can bring a loaded handgun and doesn’t get punished? No, unacceptable,” said parent Nancy Terry.

“Please know that with student and personnel issues, we carefully balance all factors to arrive at a fair and just outcome,” Johnston County schools spokeswoman Tracey Peedin Jones said in a statement Wednesday. “Certain items are mandated and we have no choice but to follow the law.”

Sources: The Blaze, WRAL


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