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David Spade Rushed To The Hospital After Accident

David Spade was transported to the hospital on Jan. 4 after a three-car accident totaled his SUV.

No drugs and alcohol were involved in the wreck, reports TMZ. It was just an "old fashioned crash," one source told the media outlet.

The 52-year-old comedian was on his way to dinner in Los Angeles that evening when he turned left at a yellow light at the busy, dangerous Sunset Boulevard intersection in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel. That's when a car going to the opposite way tried to beat the light and smashed into the "Saturday Night Live" alum's Range Rover, deploying his airbags and sending his vehicle spinning. Spade's ride careened into another car, and one of his tires went flying roughly 100 feet in the air.

Police officers reportedly told TMZ that all injuries were minor, and no one involved in the wreck was taken to the hospital, though according to Us Weekly, an eyewitness saw EMTs place Spade on a gurney and transport him to a nearby medical facility for care.

"He seemed OK," the witness told Us Weekly. "He just looked scared and shaken up."

The "Joe Dirt" actor reportedly suffered no serious damage and is expected to make a full recovery, a second source said.

"David was released from the hospital with a few aches and pains and bruises but seems fine and is resting at home now," explained that anonymous individual.

Police officers have not yet said who was at fault.

Los Angeles intersections are known to be more dangerous than those anywhere else in the state of California, notes LAist. According to a study from law firm Estey & Bomberger and the data visualization firm 1point21 Interactive, half of all the deadliest intersections in the state are in LA, while eight out of the 10 most dangerous are in Los Angeles.

Sources: Us Weekly, TMZ, LAist / Photo Credit: David Spade/Facebook

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