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David Needs a Backbone

OK folks - read the follow-up posts to my comments.  They ABSOLUTELY prove my point about the widespread, contemporary aberration of TRUE biblical forgiveness.  "Schlish" -God did NOT "throw David out the door" for his sins with Bathsheba.  READ your Bibles!  David REPENTED first. BUT he KNEW God's hear - and His expectations and standards for righteous behavior.  Guess what?  His son with Bathsheba was then taken in death.  Other consequences followed throughout his life.  Yes, "Rachele", David (Tiffany's husband) is showing "restraint". Indeed, he is acting "under control".  BUT "under control" does NOT necessarily mean "Biblical".  He can be "self-righteous".  He can be hiding his own "issues".  He might also be a spiritual wimp, twisting the concept of forgiveness as a way of avoiding confronting HIMSELF.  Love and forgiveness are NOT identical.  Love ESTABLISHES the platform of forgiveness.  It is NOT "auto-forgiveness" in any manner. Oh, and "Fleet Admiral" - "grace" and "forgiveness" are NOT the same.  "Grace" communicates God's WILLINGNESS to forgive.  It's up to US to accept it....on HIS terms.  That is called REPENTANCE. Through repentance ALONE, the relationship is restored. Read 1 John 1:9.  If we don't confess - we are not forgiven by God relationally. Read Matt 5:24. Want restoration to God?  "....leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift." That's "confession".  The bottom line here is that, just maybe, Tiffany - at this time - does NOT want "come home for forgiveness".  Maybe she needed a man with backbone and - sadly - found it in a man who does not have godly character. What to do?  Let DAVID use these "15 minutes of fame" to look deep within himself FIRST, face the man in the mirror, and then go public (if needed) with his own failings and repentance.  THAT is truly BACKBONE!


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