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David Lewis Gets Guns Returned After Mistakenly Being Labeled Mentally Unstable (Video)

College librarian David Lewis recently got back his guns, which were confiscated because he was mistakenly labeled "mentally unstable" by New York State authorities.

After a court reversed the state’s firearms confiscation last Thursday, Lewis went to the Amherst, New York police department on Monday and picked up the seven guns that he had surrendered to New York State police, reports

The New York State police claim that Erie County was supposed to verify the information about Lewis, but the county officials blamed the New York State police.

Lewis' lawyer Jim Tresmond told WIVB-TV that Lewis has been "put at risk at his job, put at risk in his relationships. It really has been a difficult time for David."

Tresmond previously told WBEN-AM radio that Lewis' private medical history was accessed by the state government, which violated his rights by using a loophole under HIPAA laws.

Gun advocates claim that the fault is the New York’s SAFE Act, which was signed into law at the beginning of the year by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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