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David Letterman Speaks Out Against U.S. Gun Violence (Video)

"Late Show" host David Letterman hosted a serious segment last night with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper focused on the numerous gun murders in the U.S., which have continued after the Sandy Hook mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.

“Daily in this country, a child or an under-aged boy or girl is shot and killed by a gun,” stated Letterman (video below). “And then we had the situation in Santa Barbara, California where a fellow was unbalanced and killed people, then killed himself. 

“I certainly thought that Newtown was going to be the landmark, changing, touchstone point in this country where we changed our understanding and awareness about gun ownership and how to improve, not eliminate eliminate guns -- how to improve,” added Letterman. “People are shot and killed each and every day by private handgun ownership. You can’t tell me that this isn’t an insoluble problem.”

According to, Letterman asked if the laws would change after "every American knows or has a family member who has been gunned down."

Cooper insisted that there were "good people on both sides who believe firmly in their positions," and said, "It's not cut and dry for a lot of people."

But Letterman rejected Cooper's false equivalence and replied, "How could it not be?"

Letterman then recounted his recent visit to a gun store and the large amount of assault weapons that he saw, reports

"When are we going to do something about this nonsense?” asked Letterman.



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