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Daughter Throws Fake Wedding to Dance With Her Dying Father

There are many moments Dr. James Wolf wishes he would live to see his daughters experience.

But with pancreatic cancer and an estimated three months left to live, he won’t be around for all the family holidays, weddings and time with grandchildren he wants to be a part of.

Rachel Wolf, James’s 25-year-old daughter, recently held a wedding ceremony with no groom, just so she could have her father-daughter dance before her dad dies, according to MSN. 

The Wolf family and guests held the “wedding” ceremony at Auburn Recreation Park in Auburn, Calif. A DJ and a limo for the ceremony were both donated to the family’s cause, according to

James was in the hospital hours before the ceremony began, and was almost too weak to get dressed and make it to the wedding. 

But, with the help of his wife, James made it to the ceremony.

When he saw Rachel, he told her she looked gorgeous.  The two embraced and then began dancing to “Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman beneath a gazebo.

Overwhelmed with emotion, tears came to Rachel’s and her father’s eyes during the dance. 

"Each and every day, we have a choice,” James said. “We have a choice to either love that person that's in front of us or not. It's the relationships that you build over the years that is the most important thing in life.  Everything else is just an illusion."

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