Daughter of Slain Sandy Hook Principal Says She Will 'Chain' Her Body to Building If they Reopen

As officials in Newtown meet to decide to either renovate Sandy Hook Elementary School or tear it down, the daughter of slain principal Dawn Hochsprung is threatening to protest if they do not get rid of the building.

"I will chain my body to it in protest if they try to reopen it," Erica Lafferty said. 

Victim relatives have expressed differing opinions regarding what to do with the school.

Veronica Pozner, mother of Noah, 6, who was shot 11 times by the gunman, said the administrators should do what they think is best.

"If that's the best site logically, economically for the other children - the ones that are alive - who am I to say what to do there," Pozner said.

The building has not had students in it since the December 14 shootings. The 430 surviving students are attending a renovated school in a nearby city that has been renamed Sandy Hook Elementary School.

On Friday night, The Sandy Hook School Building Task Force will discuss what one of two options they will take. They could either renovate or rebuild the existing school site or construct a new school on a nearby property.

Either way, the school will not be ready to reopen by next year.

The task force consists of 28 local elected officials who will vote on a decision on May 10.

"I wouldn't want to have to send my kids back to that school," Susan Gibney, who has three children in high school, said. "I just don't see how the kids could get over what happened there."

A retired police officer, Fran Bresson, who attended Sandy Hook in the '50s, said it should be reopened but they should demolish the hallways and classrooms where students and faculty were killed.

In other towns where shootings have occurred, residents have struggled with similar issues about what to do with buildings. At Columbine High School, where 12 schoolmates and a teacher were killed in 1999, they demolished the library and made it into an atrium. 

At Virginia Tech, they converted a classroom where the gunman killed 30 people in 2007, into a peace studies and violence prevention center.

Sources: Daily Mail,USA Today


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