Daughter Defends Mother Who Kept Kidnapping Victim Locked In Cage (Video)

The daughter of 44-year-old Kendra Tooley, who is accused of kidnapping a woman and keeping her locked in a cage for two months in her Indiana trailer, is defending her mother.

“The whole story is not being told," Maranda Higgs, 23, told NBC News. “It's not her, she's not a demon.”

Tooley and her boyfriend Ricky Roy House Jr., 37, were charged with rape, kidnapping and other counts on Monday.

Tooley and House allegedly offered the victim a ride home in July. They took her to their trailer and allegedly knocked her out with chloroform.

Higgs' father, Tooley’s ex-husband, later rescued the victim.

Higgs says she feel “torn in the middle” because she can sympathize with the victim and her family.

“I just want to wake up and have it be a dream,” she told NBC.

She placed most of the blame on House.

“Let me just put it this way,” she said. “If Ricky had been arrested four years ago nobody would be in this situation.”

Maranda is one of three daughters of Tooley and her ex-husband Ron Higgs.

“It’s really heartbreaking,” she said. “I don’t know if my mom just felt trapped or like she had nobody else, but I haven’t seen my mom since Easter. She would have to sneak and call us or text us.”

The victim, a 30-year-old mother, told police she knew the couple and had no idea the nightmare that would unfold when she accepted a ride from them 59 days ago.

Posey County prosecutors say House locked the victim in several places in the home, including a cage. She was allegedly forced to wear a dog collar and leash. She said she was restrained at times with bungee cords and zip ties, according to court documents.

The pair pleaded not guilty on Monday and both are being held in lieu of bail.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC News

Image Credit: YouTube, Posey County, Indiana Jail


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