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Woman Charged For Neglect After Elderly Mom Found Dead

Woman Charged For Neglect After Elderly Mom Found Dead Promo Image

A Georgia woman has been charged after her 100-year-old mother was reportedly found lying on the floor in her own urine for days after she had died.

Police said that 63-year-old Debra Pastuszynski's mother, who was not named, was on the floor lying her own urine for three days after her Oct. 22 death, according to the Daily Mail.

Authorities arrested Pastuszynski after they arrived at the Columbus home for a welfare check to find the centenarian dead.

Pastuszynski was charged with neglect of an elderly or disabled person, to which she pleaded not guilty at a hearing Oct. 24.

According to Officer Dan Germoulus, Pastuszynski said her mother had fallen. She reportedly said that she had attempted to feed her mother, but she had refused.

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Officials from a hospital where Pastuszynski's mother had been taken said that the woman appeared to be dehydrated.

Pastuszynski is said to have not helped her mother get back up after she fell, and also didn't help her get "the proper nutrients," a police report said, according to the Ledger-Enquirer.

Pastuszynski was taking care of her mother before her death, and had posted a number of videos to YouTube of the two of them over the course of a number of years. The clips showed Pastuszynski and her mother's life as the elderly woman struggled to speak and carry out everyday tasks.

At the hearing, Judge Julius Hunter set Pastuszynski's bond at $3,500.

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In a similar story, an Indiana man was charged with neglect after his mother, 80, was found severely dehydrated, stuck to a mattress on the floor of the family's home, and covered in urine and feces, reports Indy Star.

Mark Kincaid was arrested after his mother was found in terrible condition in their Lizton home. Kincaid reportedly told responders that his mother had fallen six weeks earlier, but he wasn't able to lift her up, so he just left her on the floor.

"You guys are too expensive," Kincaid reportedly answered when medics asked him why he hadn't called for help sooner. Responders described Kincaid as "indifferent" to his mother's serious condition.

According to officials, the woman was in stable condition after being taken to the hospital. Investigators described a "foul" smell coming from her hospital room. Kincaid's mother reportedly screamed in pain when investigators had nurses roll her over to take photos of her "red, seeping sores" for evidence.

Kincaid's reportedly told police that the conditions his mother was living in were "bad or not good," but said he was "doing the best he could" in regards to her care.

Kincaid was booked into the Hendricks County Jail.

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