Daughter of Alabama Coach Nick Saban Sued for Fight with Sorority Sister

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University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban finds himself in the center of a media windstorm, but he has two things going for him.

One, it's not a recruiting scandal -- so there's no chance of NCAA sanctions. Two, the news is breaking on the same day Penn State's atrocious Freeh Report was released, so it should get swept under a Crimson carpet relatively soon.

For those interested in the off-season gossip, Saban’s daughter, Kristen Saban (pictured below), got into a drunken Facebook fight with Phi Mu sorority sister, Sarah Grimes, that led to more than just a few tears. In fact, the fight went beyond the social media realm and ended in physical blows. While the event happened back in 2010, Grimes hasn’t forgotten her injuries.

According to the Daily Mail, Grimes filed a lawsuit last month in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, seeking at least $10,000, claiming her injuries caused her to need reconstructive nasal surgery and therapy.  

Grimes, Kristen Saban, and friends were reportedly playing a drinking game called “Power Hour” on August 28, 2010. Afterwards, they headed to a Tuscaloosa bar named Rounders. Kristen became upset when a guy she used to date wouldn’t pay her attention, says ABC News. The group returned to a house where Kristen Saban complained about how no one understands “how it was” for her (whatever that means).

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After what was most likely childish pouting and whining, Grimes eventually told her to, quite simply, “shut up.” Kristen Saban then took the argument to Facebook in a very mature way and posted “no one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!” (according to the Daily Mail).

However, according to the lawsuit, the altercation hadn’t even started yet. It wasn’t until Grimes told Kristen Saban, in response to her Facebook post, that she was “crazy” and Kristen reacted with a beating to Grimes’ head. Kristen Saban repeatedly punched Grimes in the head and pulled her hair, reports say, resulting in a bloody and bruised Grimes.

Grimes was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center by friends not named Kristen Saban. Once there, the university’s dean of students, city and university police all showed up, responding to an assault call made by one of Grimes’ friends.

The beatings resulted in Grimes having a concussion, migraine headaches, psychological help, and nasal surgery.

So what has happened in the nearly two years that have passed since the incident? Apparently night terrors, anxiety, sleeplessness, memories of the event, fears of dying, and more (not to mention the physical injuries).

While not mentioning the psychological injuries, Kristen Saban’s lawyer believes Grimes was accountable for her own injuries. Yeah, because Grimes allowed Kristen Saban to beat her senseless. Kristen Saban’s lawyer blamed the incident on Grimes claiming Kristen Saban was only acting in self-defense and didn’t injure Grimes at all, leaving us all to wonder, “self defense against what? Being called crazy?”

However, despite these claims of innocence, The Daily Mail writes that Kristen Saban has pleaded guilty to an “unspecified offense,” however, whether or not she’ll agree to pay at least $10,000 is another question.

Nick Saban has declined to comment but his name is still constantly being attached to his daughter and her actions. We can only hope he can continue coaching without any repercussions as a result of his daughter’s immaturity.


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