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Dating Smart People Online - Love For Wits Separates The Zen From The Noise

Dating smart people online appears to have finally come of age. A new website called Love For Wits.Com has arisen from the ashes of the so-called smart dating sites. But is it better, or just another bunch of yahoo?  What makes it different? 

As Love For Wits notes in it's FAQ, it has a "sense of humor" ... But is this evident?  The answer to that has to be a big yes. Anyone with a sense of humor or looking for one has found their Valhalla; and the same goes for smart people looking to date other smart people.  Love For Wits contains the latest tech-enhancing gizmos (as they put it) and it reminds you a bit of Facebook in that way, but that is where the comparison stops. 

This website for dating smart people online is truly apart from the mass of dating sites both immense and insignificant.

Not only has it found a way to finally and successfully fill a neglected niche in the sprawling online dating market dominated by the leviathan dating sites like Match, POFish, and E-Harmony, it has set itself apart by transcending the usual dating model and making the website itself a place where members can do something besides hunt down partners. They can actually relax, learn something, and have fun. 

As one of the staffers, Julie Field, says of Love For Wits: "If you think you belong here, you most likely do."


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