Dashcam Video Shows Moments Before Oklahoma Troopers Kill Pastor

Nehemiah Fischer, an assistant pastor at the Faith Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was fatally shot by two Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers last Friday night.

The troopers were responding to a call of a motorist stuck in a vehicle in rising flood waters near Okmulgee.

A partial dashcam video (below) of the incident was released today by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol at a press conference, noted KJRH.

The video shows Trooper Mark Southall angrily yelling at Nehemiah and his brother Brandon Fischer to get out of the water.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Paul Timmons said at the press conference: "Nehemiah Fischer walked directly to Trooper Southall, grabbing and shoving him to the ground," reports FOX 23.

In the video, Nehemiah and Southall move out of frame. Trooper Michael Taylor is seen pulling his gun and aiming it.

However, the video ends before any shots are fired. Both troopers reportedly fired at Nehemiah.

Brandon was charged for assault and public intoxication, according to KJRH.

Timmons told The Guardian last week:

A handgun was found. I can’t verify whether it was being brandished, but the deceased individual did have a handgun … the investigators are still trying to determine how many shots were fired. We know there was more than one but an exact number, I don’t have that information available yet.

Sources: The Guardian, KJRH, FOX 23
Image Credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol Screenshot


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