Dashcam Footage Shows Officer Tasering Man Twice In The Eye For No Apparent Reason (Video)

An Ohio man filed a federal lawsuit against an officer after he says the cop used excessive force to wake him up while he sat in the passenger’s seat of his friend’s car that was pulled over.

According to reports, Matthew David Kelly was asleep in the passenger’s seat of his friend’s car when the driver was pulled over for suspected drunk driving. Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer Bryan Cook attempted to wake Kelly up while he slept but couldn’t after several attempts. When Kelly finally woke up, he became tangled in his seatbelt and was disoriented. Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputy Clinton Sines suddenly appeared to help Cook and immediately had his taser drawn.

Sines and Cook attempted to pull Kelly out of the vehicle when he got stuck in the seatbelt, but he wound up falling out of the car. As Kelly fell out, the officers lost hold of him, and Sines fired his taser into the man’s right eye, but it didn’t appear to be a mistake.

“Get on the ground, get on the ground, now, get on the ground, I’ll do it again, get on the ground,” yelled Officer Sines at Kelly.

As Kelly sat there with the taser prong in his eye, Sines sent another shock into Kelly before realizing that he was still buckled into his seatbelt. They let him out, and Kelly was finally able to properly obey the officers’ orders.

Now, the federal lawsuit has been filed against Sines, saying that the deputy had no right to use excessive force on Kelly, especially more than one time. Still, Fayette County Deputy Sheriff Vernon Stanforth says that he agrees with the action that Sines took.

“Deputy Sines was not reprimanded for these allegations,” said Stanforth. “I thoroughly reviewed the video and believe he acted within policy.”

Reports note that this isn’t the first lawsuit that has named Sines, as an 18-year-old girl and her parents sued the deputy because he pulled her over for a broken tail light and tried to get her to take off her clothes before he would let her go.


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