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Dashcam Footage Shows Driver's Encounter at Suspicious Late-Night Roadblock

A man driving alone after midnight on Sunday night encountered a frightening scene.

Ivan Tukhtin posted a dashcam footage video of the incident to YouTube on Monday.

In the video, the driver can be seen driving along a dark highway when he comes across a car pulled over on the side of the road and two traffic cones placed in the middle of the lanes.

A hooded stranger can be seen in the road near the pulled-over car; as the driver slows and comes to a stop, the figure approaches the car.

Although his body is illuminated by the headlights, the stranger’s face remains completely invisible.

“What the f***,” the driver can be heard saying.

The driver asks the man if he needs something; the man allegedly mumbled something, and according to the video, proceeded to then reach into his pocket.

Without waiting to find out what the mystery man could have had hidden in his pocket, the driver slams on the gas and takes off down the road, dodging the cones in the road.

“No lights or hazards,” Tukhtin wrote in the video description. “Both lanes blocked off. Suspicious for sure, scary to think what could have happened.”

The Blaze reports that it has reached out to the Edison, N.J. Police Department for further details.

Sources: The Blaze, Blue Rue, Locker Dome

Photo Source: The Blaze


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