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Dashboard Camera Video Reveals Shouting Match Between New Jersey Police Officer, State Trooper (Video)

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A New Jersey plainclothes officer was disciplined after a dash cam video of him and a state trooper revealed a profanity-laced shouting match that erupted when the plainclothes officer was asked to identify himself.

The incident occurred on May 31 and was captured on the trooper’s camera.

When the trooper first pulled his car to the side of the road, he demanded that the plainclothes officer present an I.D. verifying his police status. According to the trooper, there had been several instances of someone pulling people over and posing as a police officer to rob them.

The trooper then proceeded to pull out his gun, much to the distress of the officer.

“You better have a good f***ing reason why you’re whipping your f***ing weapon out,” the officer said.

Additional officers were eventually forced to arrive at the scene in order to settle things down.

“I have seen interactions in the past between uniformed officers and officers wearing civilian attire that ended tragically,” county Police Chief Brian Higgins said. “The most important point here is that no one was hurt.”

The plainclothes officer was eventually disciplined.

Sources: The Blaze, CliffViewPilot


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