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Police Pull Over Mother And Her Children At Gunpoint (Video)

A newly released dash cam video shows a mother being pulled over by police at gunpoint with four young children in the car.

Kametra Barbour claims she was driving home with the children, all under the age of 10, when police stopped her and surrounded the car.

The dialogue that ensued is as follows:

Officer: “Driver, let me see your hands. Everybody stick their hands out the window.”

Barbour: “What is wrong?”

Officer: “I’ll tell you in a minute.”

Barbour was told to exit the car and police proceeded to handcuff her in front of the children.

Barbour: “What is wrong? My Kids!”

Officer: “How old are they?”

Barbour: “They’re six and eight and ten, nine. What are we doing?”

Officer: “Hold on a second, okay?”

Barbour: “What is going on? Oh my God, you will terrify my children.”

Officer: “We got a complaint of a vehicle matching your description and your license plate, waving a gun out the window.”

A 911 caller had notified police that four black men were waiving a gun out the window of a beige or tan colored Toyota, reports ABC13.

Barbour’s car is a burgundy red Nissan Maxima.

The officers did not realize their mistake until Barbour’s 6-year-old son came out of the car with his hands up.  They then took to the task of calming the children down, reports The Daily Mail.

“Are we going to jail?" one of the children asks. “No. No one is going to jail,” an officer answers.

Police have admitted to their mistake, but allegedly are refusing to apologize.  

Photo Credit: Good Morning America/

">The Daily Mail


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