Dash Cam Video Of Man Who Died From Asthma Attack After Police Stop Released (Video)


Dash cam video has been released of a police officer pulling over a couple that was rushing to the hospital.

Casey Kressin, 29, was suffering from an asthma attack and his girlfriend was rushing him to the hospital when her vehicle was pulled over by a Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, police officer.

Kressin may be seen in the video stepping out of the car, waving at the officer, and then kneeling on the pavement.

His girlfriend, Leah Hryniewicki, tells the officer in a panic that Kressin cannot breathe because he is having an asthma attack and asks the officer to take him to the hospital.

“He can’t breathe! He’s having an asthma attack! Can you bring him to the hospital?” she says.

The officer does not bring Kressin to the hospital. He calls an ambulance, instead, reports Star Tribune.

Chippewa Falls Police Chief Wendy Stelter explained why the officer made that decision.

“Had the man still been in the vehicle, had the driver been in a condition where they could drive and drive safely, then very likely the officer could have escorted them to the hospital following traffic laws. But in this case everyone was out of the vehicle, the driver was upset and it’s going to be a safety concern to put her back in the driver’s seat,” Stelter said.

Hryniewicki’s speech is that of panic in the video, as she wants to drive Kressin to the hospital.

"He’s going to die from this, can’t we just bring him?” Hryniewicki pleads.

“The EMS is en route here, okay?,” the officer responds.

“They’re not going to be able to get here soon enough. Can we just go? I would’ve made it there,” Hryniewicki says.

Nine minutes and 15 seconds pass between the time Hryniewicki is pulled over to the time the ambulance doors are shut with Kressin inside, reports WWLP.

Kressin became unresponsive when the ambulance arrived, according to police. He was pronounced dead at Saint Joseph’s hospital.

Stelter stands behind the officer’s decision to not drive Kressin to the hospital or allow Hryniewicki to do so in her so-called hysterical state.

Sources: WWLP, Star Tribune / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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