Dash Cam Footage Shows Officer Pushing Over Man In Motorized Wheelchair (Video)


Video evidence of an Indiana police officer pushing over a man in a motorized wheel chair has surfaced nine months after the incident occurred. 

The dash cam footage depicts a group of Lafayette officers surrounding the man, 25-year-old Nicholas Kincade as they investigate him for reportedly telling a school security team that he had a gun in his backpack. According to WLFI, law enforcement officials found only a knife in Kincade’s possession. They gave him a trespassing warning and allowed him to leave.

The video shows Kincade moving his wheelchair away from the scene, running over the foot of an officer in the process. Officer Tom Davidson responds quickly to Kincade, pushing him and causing him to topple out of his chair and into the street. The other officers immediately say “Now you’re going to jail.” 

Kincade denies purposely running over Davidson’s foot, and the officers are more understanding of the situation as they help him up and explain their point of view later in the video. 

“Nick, do you understand why I shoved you off me? Because you were driving up on my leg,” Davidson says at one point. 

Kincade continues denying any intentional attack on the officer. 

In response to the incident, which took place in October 2013, Officer Davidson was demoted in rank and suspended for 30 days without pay. He managed to escape recommendations of termination that were lodged by other officers. 

“He made his mistake. He’s received the punishment. We’ve spoken. The merit board has spoken. The process is done. At this point we move forward,” said Police Chief Patrick Flannelly.

The recently released video evidence, however, has led some — both in the public and on the force — to call for Davidson’s termination once again.


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