Valets Caught Trying To Take Car For Joyride (Video)


A Florida man's smart thinking prevented two valet drivers from taking his Dodge Challenger Hellcat for a ride, and the valets were not happy about it (video below).

In a dashcam video of the incident posted to YouTube on March 9, the valets can be heard complaining because Brandon Neider switched his Hellcat to "valet mode," which stops the car from shifting to second gear and limits the horsepower.

"Took my car to Universal Studios and left it with the valet. I expected my car to be taken care of and valet mode saved me i guess?," Neider wrote in a description of the video. "They even had a passenger get in the car and didn't notice the dash cam mounted on the windshield (Not hidden at all)."

"What an assh**e," one of the valet drivers says upon initial attempts to drive the car.

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"It's on valet mode, we can't do anything," one valet says.

The valets can be heard saying the car's valet system was "bulls**t." One valets says he wants to take the car for a ride or "at least go across."

The security mode can only be taken off with a pin code.

The valets seemingly had no clue that not only did Neider put his car in valet mode, he also set up a dashcam to record the entire incident.

In the video description, Neider said that he edited the video to protect the valets' identities since they "didn't 'do' anything wrong besides a little rev."

The video quickly went viral, garnering more than 27,000 views on YouTube.

"I'm a valet and there's no way in hell I'd ever give my car to one," one viewer commented.

"This is why I don't valet…ever," another wrote. "You are trusting 80 grand to a teenager who gets paid minimum wage."

Several viewers called for the valets to be fired, so they never attempt anything with any other cars.

Auto blogger Brandon Turkus, a former valet, shared the video on his blog and said the valets' behavior was "inappropriate."

"Over those years, I can say with absolute confidence I never goofed off in someone's car," Turkus wrote on his blog. "Unfortunately, not all valets are so trustworthy. Like these idiots."

Sources: Daily Mail, Brandon Neider/YouTube, Auto Blog / Photo credit: Car Culture/Corbis via Daily Mail

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