Dartmouth College Students Protest to 'Eradicate White Supremacy' (Video)


Afro-American Society president and student Jalil Bishop led a protest at Dartmouth College on Monday against the school's alleged indifference to racial equality, sexual assault and fraternities that have held racist parties.

The protest occurred on the Hanover, N.H. campus during speeches to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, noted The Dartmouth (video below).

Bishop criticized the school for putting effort into MLK celebrations, but not putting the same work into ending “oppression on campus.”

“Ask yourself why Dartmouth has spent more time, money, and resources into celebrating this so-called ‘justice work,’ than into actually doing justice work,” said Bishop.

“Dartmouth is complicit,” added Bishop. “We are complicit in failing to break down the structure that keeps so many black and brown bodies across the country and around the world marginalized, and keeps so many white bodies benefiting from that marginalization.”

At one point, Bishop stated, “Stand if sitting is no longer an option, stand if you understand that we must eradicate white supremacy."

About a third of the student audience joined Bishop on stage with signs while chanting “No justice! No peace!”

According to ValleyNews.com, Bishop spoke for twenty minutes during the protest.

Eventually, Dartmouth's keynote speaker, ABC News reporter John Quinones, was able to give his speech after the protesters left the stage.

After speaking, Quinones told The Dartmouth, "It says a lot about this university that they were allowed to go onstage and get their message out. There are other places where they could have been arrested or pulled off the stage or something ridiculous like that. I hope people will hear and listen and that somehow there’s a conversation that’s started.”

Sources: The Dartmouth and ValleyNews.com


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