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Darrius Johnson Stabs Girlfriend to Death for Being a Taurus

A Florida man is being accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death because her astrological sign was a Taurus.

Darrius Johnson, 22, stabbed and beat his girlfriend Monica Gooden, 23, in the home they shared in Lauderhill, Florida.

After police searched the home, they found Gooden dead in the bedroom with multiple stab wounds. They also found a bloodied X-Box, indicating he used the device to beat her. There were no defense wounds, meaning she was likely attacked in her sleep.

"He told investigators that he decided he needed to do the sacrifice based on the Taurus sign," Lauderhill Police Lt. Mike Butkus said. 

While he was killing her, he said like he was "fighting a dragon," and afterward he "felt like a new man."

But when she died, he didn't feel like he should stop, so he went to a nearby apartment complex and attacked a random elderly woman.

Fortunately, the woman was saved after her nephew saw the man hitting her. The nephew ran outside and started stabbing Johnson.

When Johnson was asked about Gooden, he said, "She's in heaven."

He then told police that he wanted to sacrifice his grandfather instead, since he was also a Taurus, but he lived too far.

It turns out, Johnson was wrong about Gooden's sign, as she was born in November, making her a Scorpio.

Gooden was a student at Broward College and was studying art. She also worked as a babysitter.

"I never in a million years would dream that this would happen to my first grandchild, and I'm still trying to figure it out," her Grandmother, Mamie William said. 

William said that she and other family members noticed Johnson was arguing with her a lot.

Johnson told authorities that she was "controlling his spirit" and that they had often argued.

When he was being treated at the hospital for his stab wounds, Johnson said that he had an argument with her the night before and he "kept on stabbing her but she just wouldn't die."

Gerald Curtis, the nephew who saw his grandmother being attacked, said he "bust open the blinds" and saw "this guy slamming [his] auntie and punching her and stuff."

"I went and stabbed him, trying to slow him down."

Johnson is in Broward County jail and is charged with first degree murder.

Sources: Daily Mail, Elite Daily


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