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Darren Wilson's Lawyers Say He Will Not Apologize to Michael Brown's Family

Don’t expect Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson to apologize to Michael Brown’s family – according to his lawyers, that isn’t going to happen, reports Time.

“Even if he gave the most heartfelt apology, they’d still not like it,” attorney James Towey told the Washington Post.

Wilson’s team reminded the nation this week that, even though the grand jury decided not to indict him, his life is not back to normal. Wilson’s address popped up online just days after the August incident in which he fatally shot Michael Brown. He was reportedly forced out of his home and moved in with a relative before having to pack up his things again and move into a “quote-unquote permanent location.”

Wilson’s lawyers also argue that he has become the “poster child for bad race relations” and that, aside from marrying another police officer named Barbara Spradling while the case was pending, he has bounced around from place to place and worn disguises because his life is constantly being threatened.

The Ferguson Police Department has yet to determine whether they will take Wilson back on the force, but Towey says his client is realizing it would not be in his best interest to continue doing police work.

“I think I expressed to him, ‘Do you realize your first call [back on the job] will be to a blind alley where you’re executed?’ He took a pause for a minute, thought about it and said, ‘Oh.’ That is the reality.”

Attorney Danielle Thompson added, “At first [his thinking] was, ‘I want to go back, I’m a cop, I want to still be a cop. It took some time for him to realize that wasn’t exactly going to be what happened.”

Sources: Time, The Washington Post/Photo Credit: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr 


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