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Darren Price, 13, Shoots Himself at Former School

Darren Price, 13, fatally shot himself at Dowagiac Middle School on Monday.

The school district in Dowagiac, Michigan, placed all schools on lockdown today, but will reopen schools tomorrow.

“We may never know why this happened," Dowagiac Public Safety Director Tom Atkinson said at a press conference today.

A custodian notified the Dowagiac Middle School principal after seeing Price on school grounds with a handgun at around 6:40 a.m., notes

After Price ducked into the woods, the principal called the police, who quickly arrived and set up a parameter. Moments later, Price shot himself, reports the South Bend Tribune.

Students who were coming to school on buses were diverted to an alternate location.

“He was a student with us last year,” Superintendent Mark Daniel said. “He was not, nor were his siblings, students this year. Our understanding is that he was home-schooled. We haven’t had contact with him for an entire year. He was a sixth grader at the middle school last year. He would have been a seventh grader this year.”

Price apparently got the gun from home.

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