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Dark Reaction to Michael Jackson's Death

While much of the world is mourning the death of Michael Jackson, there are some who are remembering the King of Pop in other ways. Whether it's alleged drug use, or accusations of child molestation, or his myriad of other legal problems, many people have a different view of Michael Jackson. Here's what they are saying:

"I had warned everyone that I could warn and I told them that one day, Michael Jackson is going to wake up dead, which is a very odd way of putting it... I do not want to point fingers at anyone because I want to hear what the toxicology report says and the coroner says but the plain fact of the matter is that Michael Jackson had prescription drugs at his disposal at all times."
-- Brian Oxman, former Jackson attorney

"When the autopsy comes, all hell's going to break loose, so thank God we're celebrating him now."
-- Liza Minnelli, Jackson friend

"I hate saying this, but I'm not surprised. I didn't recognize this when I first worked for him in 1993, but as the years passed, this guy was on an Elvis-like trajectory. This wasn't going to end any other way."
-- Michael Levine, Jackson's former publicist

"He has always been a source of pride for Gary (Indiana), even though he wasn’t around much. The older person, that’s not the Michael we knew. We knew the little bitty boy with the big Afro and the brown skin. That’s how I’ll always remember Michael.”
-- Doris Darrington, Gary, Indiana resident

“He was living proof that a major celebrity acquitted of a crime is never truly acquitted in the public eye. I think he never really recovered from the trial.”
-- Linda Deutsch, AP reporter who covered Jackson's molestation trial

"[Jackson] was surrounded by some of the sleaziest, most unethical advisers who came in and came out and he has had a tremendous amount of litigation in his life. His death will be followed by a great deal of further litigation. ... The sad thing about that is that if it does, it will be part of a pattern that those of us who followed Michael's life saw, which is that ... lots of people with no talent, with none of his charisma, with none of his spirit, lawyers, publicists, hangers on who made money off of his earnings continuing after his death."
-- Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Legal Analyst


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