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Daredevil Michael Kemeter Scales 900-Foot China Tower Bare-Handed, Jumps Off (Video)

An Austrian daredevil who once walked shirtless on a tightrope between the twin peaks of his country’s highest mountain, did himself one better Sunday. He climbed to the top of a 900-foot glass tower in China with no ropes or safety equipment and then when he got up there -- he jumped off.

Deploying a green parachute, 25-year-old Michael Kemeter landed roughly but safely on the street below.

The building, known as Beichen Times Square, is located in downtown Changsa, a city in central China’s Hunan Province. Kemeter Scaling the sheer structure using only his bare hands, Kemeter could grab on only to the metallic ledges about six feet apart all the way up the building.

Kemeter’s web site describes him as a climber, slackliner, BASE jumper and “mental coach.”

Previously, he was best known for walking on an inch-wide wire between the two peaks of Austria’s Grossglockner mountain. He performed the feat, 2,600 feet off the ground, in 2010.

His climb up the 900-foot building in China and subsequent jump was captured on video. Check it out, below.

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