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Dannel Malloy Interrupts Rick Perry's Connecticut Meeting With 'Yankee Hospitality'

Connecticut governor, Dannel Malloy (D), will put up a fight against political poachers.

Texas governor, Rick Perry (R), was on the receiving end of some of Malloy’s “Yankee hospitality” this week after Perry attempted to swoop into the state and lure some gun manufacturers back to Texas. Though Malloy is a Democrat advocating for gun reform, he is not at all eager to lose businesses.

Perry, ever the Southern gentleman, stopped in Connecticut on Monday and met with various industry representatives, including gun manufacturers, at a downtown Hartford restaurant. While Perry was holding his meeting and attempting to lure manufacturers out of Connecticut and into Texas, Malloy was setting up outside to highlight Perry’s poaching skills.

"I just thought it would be an appropriate thing, since you guys were all so interested in all this, that I should welcome him to the state," Malloy said to reporters at his makeshift press conference outside of Perry’s meeting.

Malloy explained he stopped by to show Perry some “Yankee hospitality,” while also suggesting the governor should highlight Texas’ "higher crime rate, the higher murder rate and higher assault rate" during his visit, according to the Hartford Business Journal.

Perry said later that Malloy’s welcome was a “treat” and “a great show of hospitality.” He also said he hopes his visit came across as civil, but also explained that politics is a lot like sports in that the athletes have to compete in order to stay in the game.

“It’s a rough business," Perry said. "I get that. But so is competition on an athletic field. I hope we can shake hands, realize that we’re just competitors. We’re all Americans first. Your governor was hospitable and civil today and I greatly appreciate that. I hope I am able to reflect that when and if other governors come to my home state, even if they’re in great competition.”

After the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, Malloy decided to take action and sign into law new gun restrictions in the state. Gun manufacturers grumbled at Malloy’s new legislation and have threatened to leave the state since, which is where Perry saw his opportunity to grow the gun manufacturing industry in Texas.

Sources: Huffington Post, New Hampshire Register 


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