Danish Show Attacked for Sexism, Consists of Male Judges Critiquing Naked Women's Bodies

A Danish show is being accused of sexism as it consists of two male judges critiquing women's bodies as they stand naked in front of them.

When the women walk in, they are wearing a bathrobe. But they then drop the robe, revealing their naked bodies. The two men, Thomas Blachman and his guest, then begin criticizing their bodies.

Some comments included, "How's that p***y working out for you?" and "Very animated nipples."

Blachman is an X-Factor judge in Denmark, and decided to create the show after he realized the "female body thirsts for the words of a man."

He believes he is doing women a favor by critiquing them. 

The show is simply called "Blachman," and has the objective of "discussing the aesthetics of a female body without allowing the conversation to become pornographic or politically correct."

"I told them the entire idea of the show is to let men talk about the bodies of naked women while the woman is standing right in front of them," he said. 

"I want to revise women's views of men's views of women."

Critics of the show believe it is sexist and degrading. They also don't believe his intentions are innocent, as he often makes comments like, "I've always been an a** man."

"The programs so-called intention of breaking down taboos or challenging stereotypes is rubbish," author Knud Romer said. "It's more like a claustrophobic strip club which only serves to cement classic concepts of male dominance. Basically, things like this should have been able consigned to the scrap heap of history years ago."

But Blachman remains defensive of his program, saying, "Ungratefulness is the only thing that can really wear down the few geniuses who reside in our country. Remember, I am giving you something that you have never seen before. Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail


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