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Danice Mueller Goes on Rampage After Women in Sauna Accuse her of Being 'Too Big'

A woman in Germany was arrested after she lashed out at people in a sauna for accusing her of being too fat and taking up too much room.

Danice Mueller, 35, who weighs about 200 pounds, said she entered the sauna at a health club with two other guests. She sat with them in a row, but they began accusing her of being too big.

Mueller claimed one guest said she would have been "drowned in the middle ages" for being as large as she was.

That was what set her off. A manager tried to stop the incident from escalating but Mueller refused to stop yelling. The facility had to call police, but even then, she did not calm down.

Things only got worse when her boyfriend found out what was happening. That was when he and Mueller began attacking officers who were trying to arrest them.

A spokesman for police said four officers were sent to the gym and asked her to get dressed and leave, but she refused.

"A further two policeman were called as back up. She still refused to leave and injured two officers in her protest. Her 54-year-old boyfriend then also started making a scene," the spokesman said.

In the end, police were forced to arrest the couple to control them. The woman was naked as she refused to get dressed.

"I was treated very badly, a guest started insulting me, saying someone as fat as me should not be in there. Then another sauna guest joined in saying people like me were drowned in the middle ages. I did not want to sit back and take the insults and asked them to stop," Danica said. 

She is now facing charges of verbal abuse and resisting a request from officers.

But she is not going down without a fight. She has filed charges against police saying she was assaulted by them as well.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Caller


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