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Reports Of Suspicious Candy Being Given To Trick-Or-Treaters Throughout The U.S. (Photos)

Dangerous objects have reportedly been found in Halloween candy throughout the U.S.

In South Charleston, West Virginia, numerous families contacted police regarding suspicious candy given to teenagers who were trick-or-treating on Oct. 29, WCHS News reports.

The teenagers found several pieces of broken glass in a pocket with pieces of candy. One teen also reportedly discovered a piece of candy that had been unwrapped and covered with shards of glass and hair (similar to the picture below).

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Users on Reddit debated the severity of the incident and the possible motives behind it.

"You know I figure it's just another attempt at either a lawsuit or people thinking there is money to be found by accusing an innocent person of contaminating candy with the intent to harm," said Redditor ProperlyMental. 

In September, Orangeburg, South Carolina, officials warned parents about the dangers of marijuana candy found in the area, reported WCIV.

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“I’m speaking directly to parents — we need to pay close attention to the candy our children are in contact with and are consuming,” said Orangeburg Country Sheriff Leroy Ravenell. “These candy lookalike products that contain marijuana are professionally packaged and appear very similar to candy products found in any legitimate business.”

Investigators think the candy originated from the West Coast.

“The problems are not only is it illegal in South Carolina, but dangerous,” explained Ravenell. “A child who obtains this drug is exposing himself to potentially fatal consequences.”

In Reynoldsburg, Ohio, a razor blade was found in a teenager's candy bar, reports WCHS News.

The teen reportedly found the blade inside a "fun size" Snickers bar on Oct. 29. Although the child discovered the blade by biting into the candy, no injuries have been reported.

Police do not yet know which house gave away the dangerous candy, as the children traded treats with each other.

Sources: WCHS News, (2), WCIV via ABC News, Reddit / Photo credit: WCHS News


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