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Dan McCarthy Writes Story About Being Stuck with One Night Stand During Boston Lockdown

While chaos spread across Boston last week and a city lockdown ensued, one man was stuck in the apartment of girl who was supposed to be a one night stand.

Dan McCarthy, an Esquire writer, posted the article about being trapped when Boston was on lockdown while the bombers were being located.

Though no one paid much attention to it during the week, since things have died down, it is starting to go viral.

The short column details the events of the night before and the day after, where he found himself unable to escape the apartment.

He said he was out drinking the night before and received a text from a girl that lived about a block from the bar he was at. She asked him to come over, to which he replied "sure."

He then stumbled his way to her apartment and did the deed. He then woke up, gathered his clothes, and prepared to leave. But not before turning on CNN to see what had happened.

McCarthy learned the city was on lockdown.

"So here I am. Still in her apartment, the lockdown still in effect, the suspect yet to be apprehended, public transit still shut down," he wrote.

They managed to escape for a few minutes to a nearby Dunkin' Donuts, but returned immediately to the safety of her apartment.

Perhaps even more entertaining than the article is the comments left on it, as hundreds made "How I Met Your Mother" jokes.

One woman commented, "You're going to end up getting married," which received almost 3,000 "likes" and 40 replies, by far the most popular post.

Sources: Esquire,Inquisitr


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