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Dan Avery Destroys Shop Where His Son Bought Bath Salts

The father of a man who overdosed on bath salts went ballistic in the store that sold them to him in New York, after the 24-year-old was hospitalized.

Dan Avery, 49, has pleaded guilty to criminal mischief after he broke the glass countertop at Tebb’s Headshop and destroyed some merchandise. He was sentenced to a year conditional discharge and ordered to pay $638 in restitution.

Justin Avery, 24, was hospitalized during the summer after he overdosed on bath salts he bought at the shop.

While he was in the hospital, his father drove to the store and walked in with a baseball bat. He asked for bath salts and the clerk started showing him the products and instructing him how to use them.

Avery couldn’t hold back his rage and started smashing the glass countertop with the bat and destroyed a couple of glass ashtrays. He also threw glass pipes from the store shelves at the clerk.

When the clerk started to run away, Avery chased him. Clerk Trevor Harding eventually was able to hide in the back room.

“I stepped on his hand and I said, ‘Listen, I don’t want to hurt you, man,’” Avery said. “‘But I’ll beat your head in, I swear to God, you want to hit me with that pipe.’”

Next, he told Harding to sit in the corner of the room. He went back to his truck, put the baseball bat inside, and returned to the store to call 911.

“This is Dan Avery,” he said to the dispatcher. “I’m in Tebb’s drug store, whatever you call it, up here in the plaza. I just smashed the place up. Better come get me.”

He said he decided to call the police on himself because he wanted them to know why he did it.

“The cop asked me and I said, ‘So people will know. So other parents who don’t even know their kids can buy this type of drug will be aware.’”

Bath salts have been making headlines lately for their dangerous effects. They are synthetic drugs which mimic the effects of cocaine, LSD, and methamphetamine.

The owner of the store, John E. Tebbetts, pleaded guilty to possessing a controlled substance analog with the intent to sell and faces 16 years in prison.



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